Found Property


Found property is all tangible personal property which does not have an identifiable owner and which has been mislaid on public property, upon a public conveyance, on premises used at the time for business purposes or in parks, places of amusement, public recreation areas, or other places open to the public and is in a substantially operable, functioning condition or which has an apparent intrinsic value to the rightful owner.

Found Property could be property found by an officer while on duty or a citizen who found it in a public place. All found property is turned into the Property and Evidence Section where it is kept safe and secure until the owner can be found. The Office of the City Marshal is required to keep all found property for 90 days. During the first 45 days this Agency is required to post the property for the public. If the property has not been claimed after 90 days, it is either destroyed or retained by the Office of the City Marshal for agency use.

If you believe that any found items belong to you, please contact: Detective Philip Austin at 850-892-8513. Please bring proper photo identification, any documentation showing ownership, and/or a detailed description of the property when claiming an item(s).

Philip Austin

99 S. 18th Street
 DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435


Non Emergency: 850-892-8511
 Emergency: Dial 911
 Crime Tip: 850-910-TIPS (8477)