Vision Insurance - The Standard

City of DeFuniak Springs employees have the option to enroll for vision insurance. The total cost of premium is the responsibility of the employee. Dependent coverage is offered at the employees cost.


Coverage Level
Monthly Cost
Employee and Spouse$14.88
Employee and Children$12.00
Employee and Full Family$20.00


EyeMed Network
Annual Eye Exam100%Covers up to $35
Single Vision Lenses100%Covers up to $25
Bifocal Lenses100%Covers up to $40
Trifocal Lenses100%Covers up to $55
FrameCovers up to $110Covers up to $45
Elective Contact LensesCovers up to $115Covers up to $100
Medically Necessary/Contact Lenses100%Covers up to $200

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