Personnel Policy

The City of DeFuniak Springs believing it to be in the public interest and of most benefit to the employees of the City, has established a personnel policy that will ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees that will be maintained in all areas of personnel matters. The administration of this policy will be conducted with integrity and concern for the individual employee. The public interest will be best served by having a personnel system that recognizes individual worth and applies objective and equitable policies, procedures and practices. All applications for employment will be reviewed and offers of employment will be made in the best interest of the City of DeFuniak Springs. The City encourages, when feasible, the advancement and training of present employees to prepare for furtherance of career and personal goals. The City will comply with the state and federal EEO statutes and regulations. The City has adopted the American Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines to use as compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). The guidelines under Florida Statute 553.503 shall establish the minimum standards for the accessibility of buildings and facilities built or altered within this state.

Current Policy: