Code Enforcement


The City’s Code Enforcement is a division of the Planning Department and is headed by a code enforcement officer which enforces compliance with various city regulations (codes). This allows citizens to maintain and improve their property values as well as the quality of life in the community. Citizens issued code enforcement violations may eventually have their case heard before a special magistrate in a hearing should they not voluntarily comply with regulations.

To File a Complaint:

Call (850) 892-8571 ext. 1118

  1. The complainant must provide their name, address, contact information, and detailed information about the complaint including location address and property owner.
  2. An inspection of the site is conducted to determine if a violation exists; if no code violation is found, the case is closed.
  3. If the complaint is valid, the notification process begins in accordance with Florida Statute, Chapter 162.12 - by certified mail, hand delivery, and/or posting of the property and public notice.
  4. The case will remain open until compliance is achieved, voluntarily or through Special Magistrate.

Violation/Lien Search Information

Please note that effective 9/19/2022, all requests for municipal code enforcement violations and lien information will be handled by Orange Data Systems. We are partnering with Orange Data to process our lien requests from title companies, closing agents, and others obtaining information about an outstanding debt owed to the town. Orange Data will be providing timely, enhanced professional quality reports.


Visit Orange Data to access an order form and communicate your request.


All lien requests/estoppel requests should be directed to Orange Data.


Please establish an account with Orange Data today! Visit to register.


To ensure a clear title upon transfer of ownership of a property, a lien must be paid prior to the transfer. Orange Data will only report on liens issued by the City of DeFuniak Springs. A full search should still be made by the title company or real estate attorney.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact Orange Data Systems directly at 407-965-4245 or via email at

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