Planning Board Members

Membership and Appointment

The planning board shall consist of seven (7) voting members and three (3) non-voting ex-officio members. There shall be one (1) voting planning board member appointed by each council member and appointees shall serve during the term of the council member who appointed the planning board member. Of the three (3) ex-officio members, one (1) appointee shall be a representative of Eglin Air Force Base and one (1) shall be a representative of the county district school board. There shall be two (2) voting planning board members appointed by the mayor who will serve three-year terms from the date of appointment. The mayor shall also serve as an ex-officio member of the planning board. A chairman and vice-chairman shall be chosen from the seven (7) voting planning board members every year at their first meeting in May. There shall be at least four (4) voting members present before business shall be conducted. Any voting member of the planning board who is absent from more than fifty (50) percent of the meetings in a six-month period shall be removed and the city council member or mayor that appointed the member shall be responsible for appointing a new member to the planning board within thirty (30) days.