Below please find a list of planning-related applications with brief descriptions of each one.  Just click on the name of the application for a link to the application that you need.

  • Abandonment - This application is for the vacating of streets or alleyways within the city limits. 
  • Addressing- This is a request for address and how to obtain one.
  • Amendment Application (Maps) - This application is for amending the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and/or the zoning map.
  • Annexation - This application is used for voluntary annexations.
  • Certificate of Appropriateness - This application is used for all projects on properties located within this historic district.
  • Development Review - This is an application for Planning Department review for all development projects including: Planned Projects; Subdivisions; or a plan review other than Planned Projects or Subdivision.
  • Garage and Yard Sale Permit- This application for Planning Department review for all garage sales and/or yard sales within the city limits.
  • Home Based Occupation - Request to operate a limited number of business types from a residential dwelling. The Public Hearing is held by the Planning Board. 
  • Occupational License - This is the business license application.
  • Peddler, Solicitor, or Canvasser Permit - Request to peddle, solicit, or canvasser ice cream, local farm product(s) or seafood(s) within the city limits of DeFuniak Springs.
  • Special Approval - Request for special approval. The Public Hearing for this application is held by the Planning Board with City Council determining the final disposition of the application.
  • Special Event Permit - The use of public property by 10 or more persons or 3 or more vehicles for the purposes of conducting certain outdoor, short-term events on City property. Note: Certain activities require City Council approval, such as the use of loud speakers or other amplification devices, so please make contact with the Planning Department to ensure your activity will be allowed and processed according to City requirements.
  • Temporary Use - Request for approval of temporary use must be made 30 days in advance of event. The temporary use is allowed for up to 2 weeks 4 times per calendar year unless otherwise approved by the DeFuniak Springs city council. Each two week period shall be separated by at least 1 month within the same calendar year.
  • Variance - Request for a variation from the Land Development Regulations, but not including uses. The Public Hearing for this application is held by the City Council.
  • Zoning Verification Form (FLUM) - This is a request to verify the zoning and land use within the city limits.