LakeFest 2019 Marketing Grant

LakeFest 2019 Banner

Grant Mission

To promote LakeFest 2019 scheduled for May 17 & 18, 2019 through radio, online and print media and to provide promotional items to give away which will further brand LakeFest for future event growth.  If awarded this grant, the Walton County Tourist Development Council (aka "Beaches of South Walton") would promote the event through their own resources without requiring any expenditures by the City of DeFuniak Springs.  However, the purchase of souvenir items with LakeFest logos would be purchased by the City but receipts up to $6,000 would be received by the TDC for reimbursement with advanced approval by the TDC for the expenditures.

Grant Type

Reimbursement:  This grant, if awarded, will reimburse the City of DeFuniak Springs up to $6,000 for purchasing event souvenirs to give away which will further promote/brand LakeFest for future event growth.