Florence Park Upgrades

Playground in a park

The City of DeFuniak Springs is applying for a $200,000 state grant in October 2020 to upgrade and improve Florence Park located on the corner of Clay and South 11th Streets.  The park currently consists of a swing set, slide, jungle gym and round-a-bout along with decaying picnic table and park benches.

Below are the activities taken to date, beginning with the most recent, by City officials and the public to upgrade the park:

October 13, 2020: City Beautification and Tree Board hears survey results from Dewberry Engineers' Elissa Pettis. Board votes to support a grant application to install security lights, fencing, restrooms and upgraded ADA-compliant playground equipment.

October 12, 2020: City Council passes Resolution 2020-25 which supports the City applying for Florida Recreational Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) Funding to meet the development goals of improving Florida Park.

October 1, 2020: City Beautification and Tree Board considers improvement suggestions from the public at public workshop.  Questionnaire for the public reviewed and approved for online or hard copy distribution.  Response deadline October 9, 2020, 5pm.

September 29, 2020:  City hosts a public workshop for community input lead by Elissa Pettis of Dewberry Engineers, Inc. Power Point Presentation or click here for PDF.  3 citizens attend.

September 3, 2020:  City Beautification and Tree Board is presented ideas by Elissa Pettis of Dewberry Engineers, Inc.  Board agrees to move forward with submitting a grant application to the state for $200,000 to upgrade Florence Park. Info about Florence Park.