Road work sign

Information on the City of DeFuniak Springs, Florida Transportation Department. (Flyer.)


• The City will make every effort to pick up bulk items and yard waste weekly.

• The City will collect bulk items which includes electronics, furniture, materials from do-it-yourself projects,

etc.  Construction materials, batteries, tires, paint, or medical supplies will NOT be collected.

• Yard waste (limbs / leaves) must be placed in a separate pile from bulk / household garbage items which

include furniture, appliances, materials from do-it-yourself projects, etc.  Leaves shall be bagged or kept in

separate piles also.

• Limbs and branches shall not exceed four (4) feet in length or include limbs greater than six (6) inches in

diameter, nor weigh in excess of sixty (60) pounds.

• To ensure proper garden and yard waste collection for all city residents, the city can only guarantee

collecting up to three (3) cubic yards per week.

• Do not place bulk items or yard waste under electrical wires, phone wires, cable wires, tree limbs or by

underground telephone and electrical boxes or near fire hydrants.

• On streets where no parkways or lawn areas near the streets are available for placement of bulk items or

yard debris, the owner or occupant shall place items adjacent to the driveway but not further than three (3)

feet from the travel way or pavement edge.

• Tree surgeons and contractors removing trees larger than six (6) inches in diameter under a paid contractual

agreement shall collect and properly dispose of all trash generated by their services.

• Lawn care maintenance contractors are allowed to place up to three (3) cubic yards of garden and yard trash

for city collection.