City Clerk


The mission of the City Clerk is to continually expand and improve communications and information delivery to our citizensThis objective supports the mission of the City of DeFuniak Springs by providing courteous, efficient, and timely accessibility to official public records guided by moral and ethical principles.


The City Clerk’s vision statement is to maintain a high level of excellence, provide consistent services to our customers, and to meet the challenges of tomorrow through our expertise, innovation, and cooperative partnerships through all department levels. Our vision remains constant, which is to set the bar for excellent customer service through innovation, expertise and a cooperative spirit. The City Clerk will enhance an exemplar customer service by keeping abreast of the needs of the community. The City Clerk endeavors to chart cost outlays and develop measurable criteria to reach goals. The City Clerk strives to deliver information in a timely, professional and streamlined manner. This vision aligns with the vision of Administration to provide superior municipal services and quality of life.


The City Clerk is a Charter Officer and reports to the City Manager. As a Charter Officer, the City Clerk is part of the Administration.

The City Clerk is committed to serving the public by striving for excellence in the preparation of minutes of meetings, providing complete and accurate information, preserving the records of the City, and maintaining a professional level of service in all phases of operation.

The City Clerk is also the official custodian of public records, official custodian of the City Seal, and attests to all official documents of the City. 

The City Clerk is responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all city documents as prescribed by State law and City Code.

These duties include:

  • Archives city documents, official proceedings, ordinances, and resolutions
  • Indexes all official actions of the City Council
  • Processes contracts and agreements
  • Maintains committee applications and appointments
  • Maintains City Council, Committee and Board meeting minutes and audio files
  • Records official documents
  • Maintains election records and official records
  • Serves as Public Records Custodian
  • Maintains and updates the website pertaining to the City Clerk
  • Key liaison between local governments and its citizens

Audio recordings and approved meeting minutes are available for public access. The minutes of all meetings are presented to the various board(s) at the next regular scheduled meeting. Once approved by the Board, the meeting minutes are available on our website for public use but are not considered the official record. An official record or public record request may be obtained from the City Clerk at (850) 892-8500 ext. 1103.