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Marvel of Flight VENDOR Form

  1. Vendor Application Form
    You are invited to join the 10th annual Marvel of Flight Fly-in & Expo on March 28, 2020! Vendor space is limited, so please apply early. Once you have submitted this form below, you will receive an acknowledgement from our event coordinator with further instructions on submitting your payment and any additional information. Your reservation is not final until you receive an acknowledgement from our team and payment has been received. QUESTIONS? Call Kristie Seigler, Event Coordinator at (850) 892-8534.
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  5. As a FOOD vendor, I understand that I MUST submit proof of insurance with this application
  6. No tobacco, knives, tattoos, body piercing services or related products are allowed on the premises or at the event.
  7. Vendor Space Needs and Fees (Check ALL that apply)
    Reminder: FOOD SERVICE vendors must submit proof of insurance with application.
  8. Acknowledgement of Application Terms*
    I have read and agree to abide by the terms of this application and to any additional terms that may arise between now and the date of this event. I understand that if I do not abide by the terms outlined in this application that I may be asked to leave by City of DeFuniak Springs staff.
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